Theo's Top Tips: Caring for tyre, brake and suspension wear.

When considering the life of your tyres, brake and suspension in your Mercedes-Benz you wouldn't want to drive in a way that would wear them out prematurely, would you?

Speedbumps and pot holes are two main contributors for early wear of tyres, brakes and the suspension. There is a 20-30% increase in wear by approaching speed bumps to fast or by not avoiding pot holes.

To avoid premature wear on tyres, brakes and suspension, I recommend slowing right down when approaching speedbumps and proceeding with caution. I also recommend paying attention to the road to avoid pot holes all together. Modern cars are designed to brake quickly, but approaching a speedbump at a fast pace is not the best way to test this out.

If you’re at all concerned about your Mercedes-Benz brakes or suspension call 3397 7158 to either talk to myself or to make a booking so we can carry out a check over for you.

Drive careful, take care. 



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As an enthusiast and collector of classic Mercedes I tend to be fastidious when it comes to the care and servicing of my cars. As a businessman, I have a keen eye for value. What I seek therefore is that special and rare combination of experience, resources, advice and top-level service at a price point that allows me to give proper care to my classics without breaking the bank. For over 15 years, I have found that combination at Aust-Star Motors. Classic cars require special knowledge and care, which AustStar delivers in abundance. Their advice is exceptionally valuable and I have greatly appreciated their guidance when making acquisitions. Most important however is their genuine enthusiasm for and deep knowledge of Mercedes vehicles. I have never posed a question they could not answer, they have always sourced every part I have needed and they have found solutions to my every service need. AustStar motors really is Babylon for classic Mercedes and I won’t take mine anywhere else!

- Ashley G. | 6 May 2015
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