130 Year Anniversary of the Benz Patent-Wagen!

Today marks 130 years since the birth of the very first automobile.

 Carl Benz filed for a patent on January 29, 1886 for his “Gas-Powered vehicle”. After following formal procedures, the date that Benz lodged the application became the official date of the invention even though it was developed during 1885. Benz probably had no idea of the repercussions that would follow after he filed the patent which just happened to be the start of a very successful 130 year venture.

The 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen is a three-wheeled vehicle that was the first of its kind. Benz’s tricycle-inspired automobile was powered by a gasoline engine, could only seat two people and reached a top speed of 16km/hr. This was compared to the traditional horse and sulky which was the most efficient method of transport for that time but it only reached top speeds of 5-10km/hr. The Patent-Motorwagen was the pioneer for the now common features in a modern vehicle such as oil and grease cups, a braking system and electrical ignition.

Benz presented his invention to the imperial Patent Office on January 29th, 1886, officially marking today as the very early beginnings of what is often referred to as the world’s top luxury car manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-benz gas powered tricycle
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