Theo's Top Tips: Wet Weather Driving

Brisbane has been experiencing some wet weather lately, and whether you love or hate the rain, Theo has given his top three tips to stay safe on the roads.

Tip 1: Ensure you keep a safe distance
Whether coming to a stop, slowing down for traffic lights or just generally driving on the road, it is imperative to keep a safe distance of at least two metres in wet weather. This is in the chance of your car sliding due to an abrupt stop, keeping a safe distance will minimise the chance of collisions. 

Tip 2: Drive with your headlights on. 
It is important for other drivers to see you in overcast conditions whether it is raining or not. The best way to ensure this, is to have the headlight function switched to ‘Auto’ that way you do not have to actively turn your lights on, the Mercedes will do it for you. 
If your headlights are faded or yellow, Aust Star offers a headlight polish service for Mercedes-Benz models between 2001 and 2007.

Tip 3: Ensure your tyre pressure is at the correct level.
Generally speaking for a Mercedes-Benz the PSI should sit at a comfortable 35-36. If you are unclear on what the ideal tyre pressure is for your Mercedes, feel free to call Theo on 07 3397 7158 to clarify.

Remember to be aware, drive with care and to get to your destination safely in wet weather conditions. 

Old Style Mercedes-Benz

I asked Aust Star Motors to do a thorough and careful job – and they did not disappoint. I took the car for a 30 kilometer drive after the service was done, and I was pleasantly surprised. The engine ran smoothly and quietly, idled well, and climbed hills effortlessly. There were no warning lights or unexpected surprises.  Overall I thought it ran better than it did before, despite a fairly major engine overhaul. The car was even washed when I picked it up, another pleasant surprise.

- Charles P. | 20 June 2017
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