Theo's Top Tips: Limp Mode

‘Limp Home Mode’/engine light warning comes on when there is a problem with one of the many Mercedes-Benz Computers that control the engine management and transmission. The limp mode is a safety to protect against any mechanial failure to the drive train.

Limp mode technically reduces the drivability to second gear and reverse only. Limp mode is not the fault, it is only the protection mode the car goes into to offset any further damaged caused by the actual fault. It is important to note that limp mode can be caused by a number of different electric components  within the engine management system and transmission electronics. 

Just recently we had a customer bring their Mercedes-Benz into the workshop as the car had entered limp mode. After diagnosing the problem we proceeded to repair the issue which was effecting the engine managament. It was not a week later and the car entered limp mode again. After diagnosing the car for the second time, it revealed a different problem with the transmission. Any Mercedes-Benz with the Limp Mode Safety feature can enter limp mode for many electronic failures which are not related to each other at all. 

If your Mercedes enters ‘limp mode’, we suggest that you drive it to AustStar Motors for a scan test to diagnose the problem. Alternatively, if you don’t feel comfortable driving the car in limp mode, we would reccomend pulling over where safe and have the car towed to us. 

If you have any further questions about your Mercedes-Benz entering Limp Mode, call Theo on 3397 7158. 



Beat the Christmas rush, call 3397 7158 and book your Mercedes-Benz in for a service today! 

Having originally been introduced to Theo and Andrew in the mid-90’s, I have continued to use them for the 4 Mercedes vehicles owned in that time, 3 of which were purchased through Theo. 

They have always been easy to deal with, honest and open when discussing issues that have arisen (or may be about to arise).  In that time they have serviced those vehicles through over 500,000 kilometres! I will be continuing to use and recommend Theo, Andrew, Michael and the team for many years to come.

- Ian H. | 22 May 2015
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