Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ should answer any questions you may have surrounding servicing and manufacturers warranties. This information is accredited by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for more information visit Independant Repairers Fact Sheet

  • A Mercedes-Benz dealer told me I’ll void my warranty if I am having my car serviced with an independent service centre. Is this correct ?

    You are under NO obligation to service your Mercedes at a Mercedes-Benz dealership to preserve:

  • Will you let me know if there is any extra work to be carried out during the service before the work is done?

    Definitely! We will always phone you after we have carried out an inspection on your vehicle and talk to you about any concerns we may have, priority of work that is needed and costs. No further work is performed without your knowledge or consent. No unwanted surprises when you collect your car.

  • What if I have a warranty claim – can you fix that?

    At AustStar Motors, we carry out end of warranty check overs. In the case of finding a warranty item that needs repairing or replacing, the mechanics will bring it to your attention to take back to you Mercedes-Benz dealer.

    Should you have a warrantable defect, it may be a condition that any work to replace the defect is carried out by a Mercedes-Benz dealer workshop.

  • Will you stamp my logbook?

    AustStar Motors ensure all logbooks are stamped to verify that fully qualified mechanics conducted the work on your Benz according to Mercedes-Benz specifications, using genuine and non-genuine parts.