Independent -v- Dealership

AustStar Motors are not a Mercedes Benz dealership but a family owned independent Mercedes Benz Service Centre. We prioritise customer service and our customers’ needs. Above all else we ensure that you and your Mercedes Benz get back on the road as soon as possible.

While the dealership will give you all the glitz and glamour, the independent workshops will give you that true personal touch.

We do not try to up-sell, as the dealerships do on the day you have your car serviced. If we find anything of concern with your car, we report it, give costs and advise on urgency and priority. Then it is up to you, in your own time, to decide to have the work completed and budgeted for.

Don’t get me wrong, we need the dealerships. AustStar buys cars from them, parts and we also get advice from them. They play their part in the scheme of things.

Our point of difference is, we work for our customers and not a large corporation. We try to keep our costs as low as possible, so we can pass the savings onto you. Our team try very hard to get the best price for parts. By trying hard, we email our suppliers around the world to get the best prices for our customers. We can save you thousands of dollars on certain parts by taking the time to search for the best possible price. By doing this, we do not compromise on quality either. We are able to source genuine and original equipment parts to save our clients the heartache of not being able to repair the vehicle within their budget.

Another question we are always asked is, if we service our car with AustStar Motors or any other independent service centre, will this void my manufacturer’s warranty? The absolute answer is NO. Although, the dealerships will have you believe otherwise, it is untrue. The ACCC has all this information on their website. Please see our FAQ page for further information. Click Here.

In fact, we will notify you of any items that should be dealt with under the manufacturer’s warranty and suggest that you contact your nearest dealership and have it rectified by them at their cost and not yours. It might be bad business financially to do that but, as we have said before, we work for what is best for our customers.

Mercedes Benz vehicles, as with all makes and models, thrive on good log book servicing, ensuring your vehicle stays running at its optimal peak condition.

As we say….Your Mercedes, Your Service, Your Choice.